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Condition of items

  • I check each piece for deficiencies and will reject most pieces that are not in a good shape. 
  • Sets that are "Complete" have all items that can be found in the BrickLink inventory list. Usually, stickers are present, applied and in fair shape, unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Feel free to ask photos of an item you are interested in.
  • When I file orders, I take a closer look at each piece you ordered. It can happen that the color is not what I thought it was or the piece is not in the condition I think it should be. I apologize if this happens and will contact you to discuss what you want to do (cancel, discount, ...).

Extra costs 

  • laugh  NO EXTRA COST! laugh
  • I have a list of all shiping and handling costs, based on the "ship to" address, the medium (letter or parcel) and the weight. Check out the shipping table to see the costs.
  • Besides the shipping costs that is clearly listed, there are no additional charges! Even when paying with card or PayPal, there are no charges for you.
  • I have no minimum buying amount.
  • I accept payment in EUR, GBP and USD. There are no currency conversion fees!

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